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Hoher Dachstein, 2995 m
starting point:
2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours
walking diary:
These pages were made for walkers but although Dachstein is not peak for walkers it is mentioned because it is the most desired mountain in the region and beyond that beside Großglockner in whole Austria.
In the east Dachstein is guarded by the Hallstätter Glacier, in the north by the Great Gosauglacier and the south is dominated by a 800 m high wall, which is only reserved for climbers.
Rope, piolet and crampons are therefore standard to climb the peak. The hot summer of 2003 has changed the glaciars a lot and some way are not possible yet. If you are not experienced, we recommend to join a mountain guide. (michaelkern @ will be pleased to help you..
way to the peakAdamekhütte - at your own risk:
You follow the "Linzer Weg" around 100 m, where - at a small junction - a small path is leading to the left in direction to Dachstein. Ten minutes later, in a small gully, you can see a part of the glaciar on the left side. The marked path is turning to the right, direction to the peaks of Schneebergwand, where it is leading up along these mountains towards Mitterspitz. Some parts are supplied with steal ropes. Early in summer this part of the path is covered by snow and marks are therefore not visible. Passing the last peak of Schneebergwand we enter the glaciar. (rope!!!) On the right side Torstein is now appearing. Passing Mitterspitz on the left side we are heading towards Obere Windlucke. This part is normally covered by snow the whole summer. Crevasses are therefore hided under the snow and the footsteps are just pretending safety. Everybody should know how to use a rope.
At "Oberer Windlucke" we leave the glaciar. The Westgrat (western ridge) is equipped like a via ferrata nearly the whole way up. Due to the altitude please notice that even in summer after bad weather the ridge could be covered with snow and an ascent could be impossible.

at the top
on the glacier
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