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specials winter 2015/2016
Snowstartime before christmas

what you get:
- 3 days delicious halfboard
- greeting at a colorful aperitif buffet
- have an extensive breakfast with local products from our farmers
- you can choose out of different meals of our "Schmankerlküche" in the evening
- coffee and teatime with "sweets" at the fire-place
- a lot of fun with "Glühpunsch"
- come together : discount for the organisator ( valid from 6 persons)

from € 185,--


* welcomedrink
* waking up breakfast
* coffee afternoon at the "stubn´"
* "you´ll get an original Gosinger Almstrudl"
evening with original "Volksmusik"

from 06.01.2016 to 01.02.2016 and
from 09.03.2016 to 14.03.2016

7 days € 435,--
5 days € 320,--


10.01. bis 17.01.2016
what you get:
- chiming in "schnapserl"
- breakfast with local products
- you can choose out of different delicious meals in the evening

have a ballon ascent and admire our valley from above
recommendation: make an early reservation
Even for one night you are very welcome at our hotel

7 days halfboard from € 435,--

We are the hotel directly at the slope!!

4 days just like a dream

Cross country, skiing, or just wonderful winterwalking in the winterwonderland Gosau

120 cm snow in the valley

what you get:
* welcome aperitif
* legendary breakfast
* in the evening you choose your favorite dish, which is prepared from Anni
* Glühmostparty" at the fire-place
* 4 days halfboard with healthy recreation in our fresh air.

from 06.01. bis 03.02.2016 and
from 09.03. bis 17.03.2016

from € 256,00

"flirt with the snow"

22.01.2016 to 26.01.2016
24.02.2016 to 22.03.2016

* 5 days - 4 nights with hearty halfboard and extensive breakfast buffet
* we receive you with a welcome drink
* fondueevening
* "Glühmostparty" at the fire-place
* come together : discount for the organisator (valid up from 6 persons)

from € 258,--

2 super days

from Sunday to Friday

from 08.01.2016 - 26.01.2016 and
from 09.03.2016 - 15.03.2016

powdersnowfun for oldies and yougsters
let´s go!
Just call or email and make a reservation
what you get:
- chime in with a welcome aperitif
- breakfast with local products
- in the evening you choose out of different delicious meals
- good bye "schnapserl"

2 days halfboard from just € 118,--

3 days magic snow

skifun in powdersnow
you arrive during the week
3 days powderfun

what you get:
from 09.03.2016 bis 14.03.2016

the cross country slope is located directly at our house.
For winter walkers there are a lot of ways to walk

* 3 days halfboard with a heartly alternative candle light dinner
* breakfast buffet with local products
* chiming in "schnapserl"
* magic slopes for skiers and cross country skiers in the powdersnow
* teatime at the fire-place

from € 188,--

winter finale

an incredible offer is waiting for you!!!
from 16. march 2016 to 23. march 2016
offer for families
Kids till 6 years for free!!!
price für 7 days
with delicious half board
1 adult and 1 child only € 406,--

Anni Laserer - Hotel Restaurant Gosauerhof - Nr. 632 - A - 4824 Gosau
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We are looking forward seeing you!